ALERT!! Is BWSR Trying to Intimidate Counties? $500 Per Linear Foot Not In Compliance Is The Other Option?

ALERT!! BWSR is looking for comments on this proposed amendment to the Administrative Penalty Orders. The deadline to submit your comment is in 11 days. Here’s part of the text in the draft rule amendment. ” An annual penalty will be assessed based on the total linear feet of riparian frontage on a parcel. The penalty will be due on day one of the 11th month after the noncompliance notice

Pattern Tiling?  Is That Next On Their Agenda, Pattern Tiling?

It’s time our County Commissioners step forward and actively use their authority, in coordination with the state of Minnesota, over land/water use in their counties.  They need to do this while working in rural counties to protect some of their major property taxpayers from harmful and costly environmentalist-driven regulations – which now appears to include bringing pattern tiling under state regulation.  It’s now being picked up by the propagandists.  See

Support From EPA Admin. Pruitt To Return Land/Water Management Back To States

And, as MnNRC contends, from there back down to county governments where it originated. See this quote from the article: “By beginning the process to redefine WOTUS, EPA is providing regulatory certainty for farmers, ranchers, and landowners while respecting the traditional oversight role of states to help keep water clean,” Pruitt said after meetings in Iowa.” To read the entire article click here. Then contact your county commissioners here and